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Northern Adhesives Inc
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High-Quality Water-Based Adhesives in Maspeth, NY

Northern Adhesives Inc. manufactures adhesives for factories and construction companies. You'll appreciate the durability of our water-based construction and industrial adhesives.
Pasting Wallpaper — Adhesives in Maspheth, NY
Plywood on the Floor — Floor Adhesive in Maspheth, NY
We look forward to meeting your needs with our water-based adhesives. Contact us for more information about the types of adhesives we have available for your applications.
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Who We Are
Northern Adhesives Inc. is a leading manufacturer of water-based adhesives in Maspheth New York. We are dedicated to delivering the best adhesives for industrial applications. Visit us at our Maspeth location, or feel free to call us at (718) 388-5834 today!
Contact us in Maspeth, New York, to find out more about our water-based adhesives.